Book a Flyboard Experience at one of our fixed locations or in a location near you.


At a Flyboard Experience you can even experience what it is like to fly over the water

like a super hero or you to feel like a dolphin diving through the water.  Would you like 

to experience it yourself once, along with a friend, girlfriend or with a group than

you can get just register at the time of booking. 

Method: you can swim, you're healthy, you're 12 to 70 years old and have

shoe size 37 to 47 then you can try this wonderful experience!

Would you like to make a reservation for 1 to 10 persons, then you can book yourself or

you subscribe to one of the already planned Experience days. Do you want to make a reservation for a group of 10 persons or more, then you can schedule a date with us yourself. Look at the time of booking or on our Facebook page for the already scheduled Experience days!   

anyone can register until the day of schedule! 

A Flyboard Experience session lasts 20 minutes.


The costs of an experience are: € 55,-p.p.


This includes instructions and guidance of our instructors, borrow a life jacket, helmet and wetsuit.(helmet and life jacket are required)

It is also possible that we capture the unique experience of flyboarding on video through a “gopro” camera on your helmet or from the personal watercraft during the Experience. On all our own locations on which they are based capabilities and the ability for a snack and/or drink. For arrangements such as a barbecue in combination with an Experience you can always email or call us.

We are an official Zapata

Experience Center and therefore we have very experienced and trained instructors who will

give you  proper guidance and with professional instruction.

Most people can stand within 5 minutes! 


To Flyboard you have to be able to swim! 


Official Zapata Experience Center