Welcome at the H2O Showteam!

Xtreme Marine Sports also offers you spectacular shows under the name H2O Showteam for your event, opening or other occasion.

In this team you have European Freestyle Jetski Champion Niels Willems and World class Flyboarder Alex Swamipersad combining

spectaculair stunt and entertainment.


We also work with professional teams from all over the world!


We offer these shows both during the day and in the evening and around the world.


The evening shows are usually done in LED suits in combination

with torches and/or fireworks. This makes the real wow effect for most people because it looks crazy on the water. 


The price of a show depends on your wishes, distance,

number of shows and the duration of the shows.


Several shows on a day or several consecutive days are of course also possible, just like multiple flyboarders or jetskiers for your show. These prices are negotiable and make a suitable offer if desired. 

Important to us is that the water is at least 2 meters deep for a

safe show and we can or can be left to water by means of lifting equipment.

Last mentioned, we can of course also arrange ourselves if necessary. 

Make sure everyone can stand on a flyboard and swing but give a real show with acrobatic stunts and play with the audience is a profession apart.

Since 2014, we have experience and work only with professional flyboarders who fly and stand in the World Summit.

Our team includes shows in Dubai, Russia, Turkey, France, Monaco, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Mauritius.

If you have any questions or if you are curious what we can do for you please call or email us for more information.


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